Products For Agri Sector

Minilec offers a range of products for protection of water pumps used by farmers. These are primarily to monitor incoming 3-phase supply for Single Phasing, Reverse Phasing and unbalanced supply and stop the pump in case of any fault. Additional features in some models include auto restarting. The products are specifically produced for marketing and use in India only.


  • Monitor incoming 3-phase supply
  • Models with pre-wired connections
  • Easy to fit inside most motor starters
  • Switch for Auto-Manual operations
  • Switch provision either built-in or external
  • Adjustable on time delay
  • All protections in auto & manual modes
  • Built-in timer for star-delta operation


  • Single Phasing
  • Reverse Phasing
  • Unbalanced supply
  • Dry running
  • On Delay to avoid immediate restarting of pumps during auto mode


  • Product Family Name
  • Model Name
  • System Name
  • System Supply Voltage
  • Aux. Supply / Control Supply Voltage
  • Motor rating (HP / KW)
  • Motor applications