Monitoring Relays

These relays are best suitable for monitoring balanced or unbalanced supplies, either of single phase, 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4 wire loads powered by generators, UPS, stabilizers, inverters, or Mains (by Electricity Boards / Utilities); in AMF panels, PCCs, distribution boards and for power monitoring of individual loads / motors / pumps.


  • Fixed/adjustable under/Over trip settings for parameters.
  • Fixed/adjustable trip delays and Power On delays
  • Built-in or external power supply
  • Resetting – Auto or Manual
  • Output contacts : 1 CO or 2 CO
  • Choice of enclosures (DIN-Rail, Flush)
  • Models with Micro-Controller based design
  • Use of SMD Technology
  • User friendly LED indications


  • Under/over Voltage
  • Under/Over Current
  • Under/Over Frequency
  • Reverse Power
  • Earth Fault/Ground Fault
  • Earth leakage


  • Product Family Name
  • Model Name
  • System Supply Voltage & Frequency
  • Aux. Supply / Control Supply Voltage
  • Current input (1A or 5A)


Minilec offers CBCT for our Earth fault relay & Earth Leakage Relay. Ordering Information:
  • Primary & Secondary Current.
  • Inner Diameter.
  • Outer Diameter.
  • Minilec Relay Model Name.