Minilec's bench-mark developments have shaped the markets since 1965.For instance, in the year 2002, responding to customer feedback, we introduced multiple options in enclosures of relays, (in addition to the existing D1-D2), P1-P2 and F3 enclosures. This product enhancement gave our customers the much needed flexibility in terms of size and started a trend.

success_growththumbAnother interesting product development came anticipating a market need, the MBAS 9400 with front replaceable windows, which gave us the edge to win a major tender from Indonesian Electricity Authority against American and Japanese competitors in 1994. This updation in MBAS 9400 has also ensured a continuous flow of orders from the Malaysian Electricity Authority since 1994.


Benchmark Developments 1965-2019

  • 1965:

    First to design and manufacture single phasing preventors in India and fulfill an emerging market requirement innovatively.

  • 1982:

    First to launch micro-processor based alarm annunciator. (Redesigned as Microwarn 9000 in 1990), this was, and remains the most beautiful alarm annunciator attracting customers across the globe.

  • 1984:

    First to introduce super bright LEDs for facia of alarm annunciators.

  • 1984:

    First to launch prodless dry run protection device pump guard. This innovation alone, won us several new customers globally.

  • 1994:

    First company in our segment to get ISO 9001.

  • 1997:

    First company to introduce RS232 communication port to alarm annunciators.

  • 2000:

    Millennium Series (P1 & P2 enclosures) products launched

  • 2005:

    MBAS 9700 expanded up to 128 channels.

  • 2006:

    Microcontroller based relays replacing existing relays (D1 & D2 series) introduced.

  • 2007:

    S2 (Sleek) Series products with microcontroller & SMD technology launched. This technology has the powerful advantage of added intelligence. State of art SMD technology & microprocessor based design gives higher reliability, multi purpose functionality, reduced size & more value.

  • 2014:

    Manufacturing of printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Solar Invertor.

  • 2018-19:

    Innovative, Sleek and Upgraded new products with latest technology are poised to change the face of the emerging market in India and abroad.