Starting operations in 1965 as amanufacturer of single phasing preventors (phase failure relays), Minilec is today a leading group involved in 100% indigenous production, marketing and export of reliable industrial electronic products for protection, control and monitoring. Our insistence on quality has resulted in customer insistence for our products. Our continuous effort to introduce new features to enhance product performance, adapt new technology to bring in greater sophistication and evolve new products in anticipation of market needs gives our customers many reasons to remain in a permanent state of pleasant surprise ! ! !

The Minilec Group is a progress-oriented organisation incorporating four group companies. Group companies work on niche areas to ensure an 'activity focus'. The group is very well-knit and works together keeping the larger picture in sight.

Minilec (India) Pvt. Ltd.

A world-class manufacturer and exporter of microprocessor-based alarm annunciators, pre-programmed logic controllers, diesel level controllers, motor/pump protection relays, thermistor-based winding protection relays etc.

Minilec Protective Relays Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer of a variety of protection relays

Minilec Singapore Pte. Ltd.

The S-E Asia marketing wing

Shalaka Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

For export of Minilec products based winding protection relays etc.

Minilec's bench-mark developments have shaped the markets since 1965.For instance, in the year 2002, responding to customer feedback, we introduced multiple options in enclosures of relays, ( in addition to the existing D1-D2 ), P1-P2 and F3 enclosures. This product enhancement gave our customers the much needed flexibility in terms of size and started a trend. Another interesting product development came anticipating a market need, the MBAS 9400 with front replaceable windows, which gave us the edge to win a major tender from Indonesian Electricity Authority against American and Japanese competitors in 1994. This updation in MBAS 9400 has also ensured a continuous flow of orders from the Malaysian Electricity Authority since 1994.