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Three phase asynchronous motors are used in industry due to its simple construction and low maintenance operation. However, torque and motor current during the starting of a three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motor is usually not very favorable. Therefore electronic starters, like EMS, are used to reduce the excessively high starting currents. By limiting the accelerating torque, mechanical stress on the material to be conveyed or processed, and consequently on all mechanical parts of drive and driven machine, is reduced. By starting motor at low voltage and avoiding large current peaks during starting with current limit feature, the cost of electricity may also be reduced.


Suitable for motor ratings from 2HP - 75 HP
Soft start and Soft stop
Reduced voltage start with current limit
Various modes of starting
MMI (Man Machine Interface) along with PC communication
Equipped with important motor protection functions
True RMS Measurement and display of electrical parameters

Product Family Name
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System Name
System Supply voltage
Aux. Supply / Control supply voltage
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Motor applications

Soft Starters