• Current sensor suitable for full load motor current of 5A. 10A. 20A. 40A. and be used with Minilec relays only.

    Supply Voltage
  • System N.A.
  • Auxillary N.A.
    Output Relay Contact
  • Output Relay Contact 3-wire Output
  • Input -
    Trip Setting
  • Phase to phase unbalance N.A.
  • Under current (Dry running)N.A.
  • OverloadN.A.
  • UV/OVN.A.
    Trip Time Delay
  • On phase failure N.A.
  • For overloading N.A.
  • UV/OV RP N.A.
  • Resetting-
    Approx Weight
  • Approx Weight140 gms
    Dimensions (mm)
  • Overall (L x W x D)90 x 35 x 60
  • Mounting (L x W)35 mm Rail Mounting
  • Wherever not specified Contact Rating: 5A @ 230 V AC (resistive)
    Times full Load Current
  • graph7bot (2)
Relay contact position shown in 'Power off' condition

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