Variable Frequency Ac Drive

PSD 300 Indigenously designed Variable Frequency Drive series is of high performance general purpose inverters that incorporate Space Vector Modulation & IGBT technology. The output is closely approximates a sinusoidal current wave form to allow variable speed control of any conventional squirrel cage induction motor & are equipped with most of user friendly function & features to enhance in utility.

PSD300 have easy to operate keypad for parameter setting. Speed selection, external control & facility to connect RS-232 serial port (optional).


PSD 301, PSD 302, PSD 303, PSD 305, PSD 308, PSD 315


  • Suitable for motor rating from 1 to 15 Hp
  • Variable speed control
  • Equipped with important protection function
  • Communication facility
  • Display of electrical parameter


  • Input Supply (V & Hz)
  • Motor Rating
  • Motor Application
  • Speed Variation Range
  • Accel./Decel. Time
  • No. of Starts/Stops per hour/shift/Day
  • For replacement of or new requirement
  • Accessories Needed